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Today, brand and branding are an integral part of a successful business. Competent branding, can increase the profitability of the company, as well as give an opportunity to compete with larger companies.

We provide a full range of branding development services - from generating a brand strategy, name, logo, brand identity to preparing promotional materials.

Web Design

Some believe that the visual component of the website is not so important. But this is a big mistake. In fact, design plays a big role in promoting and helps business grow. Creating a site design is a time-consuming process that should be entrusted to professionals. Agree that it will be unpleasant for users of your site to be on the portal for a long time with an inconvenient menu or color palette that irritate the user. Our experts will not just develop a unique design tailored for your business. They will help you choose the right color scheme and place everything in such a way that it is as convenient for customers to use the functionality. And with the help of the original design you will be able to stand out among the competitors.

Web Development

Website creation is very meticulous work. And since the page on the Internet is the face of any company that can tell a lot about its work and owners, the development of the site is best entrusted to professionals who know exactly what is in demand in today's market. Professional website development and SEO promotion with the involvement of Web Studio guarantees quality services and put you ahead of your market competitors.

Digital Marketing

That's the basics of any marketing strategy nowadays. Your clients are there, let us find them.

Social Media

Social networks, industry blogs, and even YouTube have become part of our daily lives. Not only entered, but also have a significant impact on our decisions. Millions of users are registered on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. All of them are your current or future customers. Active development of your brand representation in social networks is an opportunity to tell millions of subscribers about your business.


Website promotion is a process that includes a set of measures for internal SEO optimization that increases the visibility of a website in the Google search engine. Thus, search engine promotion of sites consists of systematically improving the quality of pages and their relevance to the search queries of target users.

Welcome to TrendWeb

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Founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, we were a small agency with big dreams. Now we are helping other small businesses and startups go worldwide.

Our mission is to help your idea grow into a real business, without spending years and thousands of dollars.


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